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We make your skin feel like a baby's bum.

The worlds first coffee & turmeric based skincare.

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The boyfriend that knows which dress you should wear. The girlfriend that knows where to eat.


Zoom Coffee Meets Turmeric
Zoom Coffee Meets Turmeric

Coffee Meets Turmeric

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Hey beautiful, are you ready for an adventure? We're going on an adventure into the land of baby bum skin - where skin glows and feels ooh, so smooooth. Strap in, let's get to know each other.

Hey you, did you know coffee is one of the best sources of nutrients & antioxidants for your skin?

It's an anti-aging, acne fighting, exfoliating dream for your skin.

Dolphins, Coral Reefs & Human Hormones

Are all being damaged on a daily basis due to the skincare industry. Many ingredients founds in your everyday products are silent killers to our sealife and your beautiful skin. We're here to combat the harsh realities of this industry and leave you with skin that feels like a - you know what.

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From product to packaging, everything we do is in favour of mother nature.

Organic & Natural

We strive to use Earth's natural produce, our skincare is 85%+ organic & 100% natural.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

We stand up against animal cruelty and will never use animal formulated ingredients.

Time to meet your soulmate.

We're not a one night stand. We're your soulmate until death do us part. Join us on our #smooooth journey.

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It's me again, did you know turmeric is one of the best anti-inflammatory ingredients out there?

It combats eczema, acne, rosacea and even wrinkles.

Baby Bum Skin are changing the skincare game. It's the first coffee and turmeric based skincare I've seen & the results speak for themselves. After two uses my acne started to clear and my skin feels so smooth.

Jessica Lund @jess_lund

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We're not responsible for the head turns you'll experience in public. Ready for radical free, radiant skin?

Let's get to work.

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